740 N Pleasant St.

Room A249

Amherst, MA 01003

Hi there! I am a third year MS/Ph.D. student at the College of Information and Computer Sciences at University of Massachusetts Amherst specializing in deep Learning, computer vision and speech processing. Currently, I’m working with Erik Learned-Miller and Madalina Fiterau on improving object detection by incorporating “visual common sense” using self-supervision.

In the past I have worked on applying deep learning to audio processing tasks such as emotion conversion and speaker/event identification as a research intern at Signify Research (formerly Philips Lighting) and at the Indian Institute of Technology at Mandi. I also worked as a software engineer at Seagate Technology prior to grad school. I got my bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology in India.

In my free time, I love to cook gourmet dishes (especially those by Gordon Ramsay), play the guitar and listen to classic rock music (I’m a big fan of Queen). To know more about me, look at some of the projects I’ve done, or papers I’ve published. For more details, take a look at my CV.